Video ‘Irate’ 2022 Olympics announcer loses his mind over Ayumu Hirano judging controversy

Watch Video ‘Irate’ 2022 Olympics announcer loses – The 2022 Olympics almost had one more controversy on their hands in the men’s snowboarding halfpipe last, as many – including (and perhaps especially) NBC broadcaster Todd Richards – thought eventual gold medalist Ayumu Hirano was ransacked by the judges on his perfect second run.

Subsequent to falling on his first endeavor, the 23-year-old Hirano set out a spectacular sudden spike in demand for his second have a go at, starting via handling a triple plug (the hardest trick in snowboarding) without precedent for Olympic history and tossing down four more in fact splendid tricks without falling. Almost following landing it, Richards announced that “it’s finished” and “nobody will contact that run.”

“That will be a 98,” Richards said.

Obviously, the judges disagreed. Not exclusively did Hirano not get the grandiose score the broadcast expected, the 91.75 wasn’t even with the end result of stretching out past Australian Scotty James.

Insane – Ayumu Hirano looted – just gets second spot after this mind boggling half-pipe… !#WinterOlympics

– Marcus Baram (@mbaram) February 11, 2022

RIchards – who contended in the halfpipe competition in the 1998 Olympics and has been a broadcaster for quite a long time – was baffled.

“Uhhhh. What?” he said after the score was put onto the screen. “Is there a mistake? How did that – wait a moment. It’s basically impossible. It is basically impossible! A 91.75?”

As the dust settled, the announcers stayed in shock.

“As far as I’m concerned, the judges just grenaded all their credibility,” Richards said. “That run – I’ve been doing this for such a long time. So long. I know what a decent run resembles.

“I know the ingredients of a triumphant run. I know when I see the best run that is at any point been done in a halfpipe. Attempt to let me know where you’re deducting from this run. The fact that this is even happening makes it impossible. It’s a travesty, cutting straight to the chase with you. I’m perturbed at this moment.”

Most of the web took action accordingly, furiously questioning what occurred with the judges. It was subsequently revealed that an American appointed authority gave Hirano a 89 in a score that was tossed out, with Canada and Switzerland both giving him a 90.

Fortunately, on Hirano’s third and last run, the Japanese sensation went even greater, tossing down the same run without falling but perhaps settling the score more tallness out of the halfpipe. This time, he was compensated with a 96 – and the gold award.

“I wasn’t persuaded by the scoring on my second run, but I think I was ready to express that outrage well,” Hirano said in Japanese after his run, as per a Twitter post.

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