la vergne tennessee police The Tennessee Police Department’s Sex Scandal Was Huge & These 7 Men Were Involved One even had sex in the police gym!Brittany CristianoTexas Staff WriterJan 18, 2023, 2:55 PM

A police department from Tennessee is going viral for an explosive sex scandal that has come to fore following an internal investigation.

A total of eight officers of the La Vergne Police Department were fired or suspended following the startling findings of an HR investigation in December 2022 that led to a 12% decrease in the force.

However, the only female ex-officer from this bunch, Maegan Hall has become the subject of endless memes on social media. There have even been fake videos, claiming to be her sex tapes, circulating on the internet.

It begs the question: why is she the butt of all jokes. What about the men who were equally, if not more, involved in this messy entanglement?

There is also some sympathy online for Maegan Hall though. People are calling out the larger reaction for adopting double standards in the unfair treatment of women in such cases.

“They’re ALL consenting adults with OPEN Marriage (sic),” is the sentiment on this side of the debate, but not without acknowledging, “The only thing she f*cked up on is smashing on the clock.”

So, while there are multiple stories focusing on Hall, here’s what we also know about the others who were part of this department-wide sex scandal:

Who is Sgt. Lewis Powell?

It took some time, but the former police Sergeant eventually admitted to investigators, after denying several times, that he and the female officer Hall engaged in passionate activities, even on the job.

The two, as per the investigation, ended their interactions because Powell feared his wife would find out and both his job and personal life would be jeopardized.

She still found out, which resulted in a domestic disturbance where he said she “beat the sh**” out of him.

The LVPD has since fired Powell.

Who is Patrick Magliocco?

The patrol officer revealed to the investigators that he had multiple occasions of sexual relations with the 26-year-old Hall, both alone and in a threesome with his own wife.

They, too, were in an open marriage, but reports suggest Hall’s husband wasn’t keen on joining them.

Magliocco also had knowledge of other co-workers engaging in sexual relations with Hall.

He was suspended for a time from the LVPD.

Who is Larry Holladay?

Patrol officer Holladay confirmed to his own sergeant (Powell) that he “hooked up” with Hall.

He also once hosted a party with co-workers, where drinking was heavy and more intimate relations were not confirmed but “possible”, as per the investigation.

Holladay also admitted to having multiple off-duty encounters with Hall at his house and a hotel.

He was suspended for 8 consecutive shifts.

Who is Sgt. Ty McGowan?

The sergeant was another who lied to investigators initially, and even conspired with Powell to “stick to the same story” during interviews.

He informed HR about some of these situations because he said “everybody talks to me. I know everything about everybody.”

McGowan too engaged in sexting and sexual encounters with Hall, but was apparently pretty “rude” and aggressive when asked about it. He also squeezed his hand around an HR employee’s neck, later claiming it was playful.

McGowen was terminated from the police force.

Who is Juan Lugo-Perez?

Lugo and Magliocco weren’t exactly quiet about their encounters with their co-worker and often spoke about their goings-on to each other, the investigation report said.

They had off-duty intercourse at a hotel, and also sent nude photos to each other on Snapchat. Another officer involved also said Lugo showed a group of officers a photo of his private parts.

The former patrol officer was terminated.

Who is Gavin Schoeberl?

The officer never physically engaged with Hall, the investigation says, but he did engage in a sexual Snapchat exchange with Hall.

Him, Lugo, and Hall regularly made sexual jokes things on the job. On one occasion, Schoeberl showed them a picture of his penis when comparing sizes.

He was suspended for four shifts.

Who is Det. Seneca Shields?

The detective first told investigators that he never had sex with Hall, but changed his answer when asked about any type of “sexual encounter.”

Like Powell, Shields also admitted to an intimate experience with Hall in the department’s gym while they were both on duty. He also engaged in exchanges of nude photos with her.

Shields was fired from the LVPD.

Who is Maegan Hall?

Maegan Olivia Hall was 26 at the time of her been terminated from the force, as per multiple reports.

She and her husband, Jedidiah Hall, have been married for four years, according to the Daily Mail, after being sweethearts since their college days.

Despite the recent revelations, it seems that her husband, a park ranger and the “son of a pastor,” is standing by her now.

“I don’t know how he’s doing it, he’s more of a man than I am, but he’s trying to salvage his marriage,” Jedidiah’s boss, Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, told

“I don’t want to discuss it, I’m just going to move on and live my life,” she told the outlet when they

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