LEAKED SCANDAL Kunno And Naim Darrechi Video Pack Yeri Mua Kunno Y Rod Leaked

Kunno And Naim Darrechi Video Pack Yeri Mua Kunno Y Rod Leaked. Naim Darrechi is wanted. The controversial influencer, who turns 20 next month, has been targeted by judges for failing to appear in court in 2021 when officers tried to dismantle illegal bottles in l. to. city in a confrontation with him. to. Parma police.

The last video of her is the most revealing. In it, she can be seen at the airport with a friend, taunting him about a possible escape. They both showed up at a duty-free store to try it out. to. cologne. “We perfumed each other at the airport,” they said. “We are not going back”, can also be read, in apparent disdain for him. to. justice.

The publication came in the middle of the month, just as a judge placed him in a manhunt. The video has already garnered nearly a thousand comments and another 150,000 likes. He then went on to update the content of his purple, although he didn’t know where to start.

Darrechi has almost 30 million followers on TikTok. There are also some on Instagram and Youtube. A young Mallorcan would use it for a gold prospecting business.

For almost five years, his controversial publications have not stopped generating reverberations and “likes” among the public, some sources even affirming that each issue could generate more than 12,000 euros of income.

Of course, some publications are always plagued with scandals. The most notorious fact was even denounced before him. to. prosecution by the Ministry of Equality during a conversation with the youtuber Mostopapi, in l. to. that he bragged about tricking girls into having sex without using protection.

“I had a hard time using condoms. I never used them. Until one day I said, ‘It’s weird that I’ve never gotten a man like that pregnant, after all these years, so I’m going to start ejaculating on him. all the time, no problem,’” he said. “Won’t they tell you anything when you finally get inside them?” asked another. “Yes, but I told them to calm down, I am infertile, they operated on me for infertility,” he replied.

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