Gamer Girl Belle Delphine and F1NN5TER Are Blowing Up the Internet

Twitch star

Twitch streamer F1NN5TER and “Gamer Girl” Belle Delphine are blowing up the Internet with a recent Twitter post that has gone viral. Finnster is one of streaming’s rising stars, whereas Belle Delphine has been Internet famous for years and is credited for popularizing many “egirl” trends that persist to this day.

Finnster himself may have even been inspired by Belle Delphine. For the uninitiated, Finnster is a male Twitch streamer who dresses like an egirl. Finnster’s unique appearance and personality have helped him become one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. In February, Finnster was banned from Twitch, though he was only kicked off the live-streaming platform for a few days before his channel was reinstated.

Recently, Belle Delphine and Twitch star Finnster posted an image on Twitter of the two of them together, which has exploded in popularity. The image has over 5,600 retweets, 3,200 quote tweets, and 128,000 likes at the time of this writing, with a jaw-dropping 9.6 million views. The tweet is continuing to pick up steam, with more views, likes, retweets, and quote tweets with every refresh of the page. It’s even caused Belle Delphine to trend on Twitter.

The image of Finnster and Belle Delphine has gotten fans talking, which in turn has caused Belle Delphine to become one of the top Twitter trends at the time of this writing. It seems many Finnster fans are not happy about the streamer spending time with Belle Delphine because of her past behavior. Belle Delphine has been the center of many controversies, some of the least disturbing of which were when she sold her bath water or when she was allegedly arrested for vandalizing someone’s car. Delphine’s more extreme exploits can’t be discussed here.

Regardless, the Finnster fans who are upset about seeing the popular streamer with Belle Delphine are causing Delphine to trend on Twitter, ironically bringing even more attention to the image. Finnster himself has yet to respond to the backlash from the image, and it’s unclear if he will bother to do so or not.

Delphine disappeared from the Internet for a period time a few years back, but has maintained a consistent online presence ever since. It’s possible her collaboration with Finnster is the start of Delphine popping up more frequently in channels beyond her own, but that remains to be seen.

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